Beautiful and Laid Back

Diphu, the headquarters for the district of Karbi-Anglong in southern Assam, is located at a distance of about 250 Km from Guwahati. It is a small picturesque town which is a weekend popular picnic spot for people from nearby regions. Other than being a pleasant and quiet getaway, Diphu has a lot of popular regions in and around attracting tourists. One can take trips to Singhason, Kohora, Khanduli and a number of such places. These areas will let you enjoy trekking, horse riding, bird watching etc. While in Diphu one can visit religious sites such as the Iskon temple, Shiva Mandir and Deopani Durga mandir.

The name ‘Diphu’ has been derived from the two words of ‘Di’ and ‘Guphu’ from the Dimasa language. ‘Di’ translates to water and ‘Guphu’ translates to white. The name was so given, as it was said in olden days that the stream passing through Diphu, became white as it carried a large amount of sediment during the rainy season.

Diphu is somewhat considered a mini hill station as the town is situated on a hill at an elevation of about 186 m above sea level. This makes the weather here comparatively more pleasant than the surrounding lower-lying regions.